Amy Jennifer Jewellery

Amy Jennifer Jewellery was born in a tiny jungle house on a small Thai island called Koh Tao in 2016. It was in a one room bungalow with only three walls, a thatched roof and a gorgeous view of the ocean that the first pieces of jewellery were created. 

The goal in my designs is to transport women to where they want to be. Reminding them of far away places where anything is possible. I want to make women feel beautiful, confident and excited. Bringing to life the free-spirit that emerges when you are somewhere new.

Amy’s experience living on a small island fully opened her eyes to the damaging effect the ‘throw-away’ society is having on our precious planet. In developing countries, where education in these areas is lacking, the amount of rubbish on land and in the oceans is heartbreaking.

As the world of fast fashion becomes more un-fashionable, people are taking a strong interest in knowing where their products are coming from and what is their impact is on the planet.

She believes being sustainable in my process gives you the opportunity to be mindful in your purchasing decisions, helping support what matters to you.