Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk emerged from the idea to offer high quality timeless and sustainable clothing for women. We create classic pieces that are wearable and combinable in various ways for every occasion.

The brand was born during a trip through Colombia, inspired by beautiful landscapes and the people’s know-how of ancient techniques. The designer Pauline Treis started to develop the brand with a community of urban and rural artisans in 2013. The work with Jungle Folk enables the sustainable development of artisans, increases their incomes and improves their skills. Jungle Folk only uses sustainable and certified materials such as organic cotton, linen, silk and wool for the clothing and recycled and natural materials for accessories.

They employ artisans and sewers in Medellin, Colombia and in Lima, Peru who work in small workshops in the barrios of the city. They directly work with family businesses. Their cooperation with Jungle Folk helps them to sustain their family and kids. Recently, we started partnering with a mother and daughter family business in Porto, Portugal.

Jungle Folk is a clothing line that doesn’t go with the trend of launching multiple seasonal collections every year. They see sustainability in the longevity and quality of a design and present a carefully designed line of wardrobe classics. They don’t work along the “normal” fashion calendar and with the trends that change every season. Our brand delivers clothes to wear and love forever!


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