Our Manifesto

Founded to bring together the good. 

Truly good fashion brands can be hard to find.

Then again, good fashion, as a phrase is hard to define. Is it good fashion because its stylish, cheap, similar to that thing a celeb wore last week?

OR is it good fashion because that item of clothing, and the brand behind it was built by someone who actually gives a s**t where your clothes come from, who made them, and how they will be used in the future. 

That second part. That is what we at NOVO define as good fashion. Those are the kinds of companies we are here for.

We’re here for the good brands and the good people.

The brands and people who want to use the best materials, not so they can charge you a bomb – but so the quality of what you buy lasts.

The people and entrepreneurs who are really going to make a difference. 

The people who think, grow and develop ideas, that contribute to our souls not just our wardrobes.

We’re here fo the fashion brands that put more thought into what they make and how you receive it than they do about the money hitting a corporate bank account.

We’re here to share these peoples stories and their advice so you can get to know them more and learn from them.

Sound better than the other fashion blogs you’ve stumbled across? Great – Follow us, contact us, stalk us on Instagram. Whatever you do, get involved and be a part of something better.

Featured Brands

Check our our brand directory to discover more brands and designers just like our featured brands below.

Boyish Jeans

The Saltwater Collective

Jungle Folk



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London, UK

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