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Diving Deep with The Saltwater Collective

For me, swimwear is something I have always struggled with for several reasons. 
 Being a curvy...

Tala Design Co. – Energising Crystals from a badass Canadian.

Made using chemistry and electricity to grow copper around crystals, she create some awesome electroformed bohemian style, completely unique and powerful pieces. With stones that embody power and confidence that is felt deeply when they are worn.

Back to basics with Evamoso London.

It's no news to us that activewear is now a huge industry, but one of its most significant flaws...

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We LOVE interviewing amazing start ups and sustainable companies so we can share their stories with you. Check out our latest articles and learn from the stories these brands have to share.

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Stop. Think. Research. React… or fail.

When I started TranslucenSea I had a vision in mind of a place people could go to buy amazing...

Know The Origin – Feminism in business, panel talk review

So as some of you may have noticed, last week I popped along to Know The Origin’s Feminism in...

What is Fashion Revolution week & why do you need to know about it.

In April 2013 the Rana Plaza factory, an 8 storey building including a bank, some shops and a huge...

Spring Book Recomendations​​​ to make your business better

Something I have heard from lots of people is "I don't like self-help books". Personally though......

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