The other day the £1 Bikini from Misguided hit the internet and surprise surprise sold out almost instantly. 

Swimwear, in general, is a tricky game to navigate, what with the cheap as chips swimwear options which look great when posing for an Instagram pic, but are going to do precisely nothing as soon as we actually try to use them for swimming in an attempt to test their structural integrity. 

If that’s not enough to worry about and we have worked out how to keep everything in place in these tiny-weeny bikinis, the next question for a lot of us ladies is what on earth is this thing made of. We aren’t just asking this question for environmental reasons, but because we genuinely want to know more about what is rubbing up against our ladies bits these days. 

I’m sure there are lots of other issues with cheap swimwear I could cover off, but ladies we are positive people and I am here to give you solutions, not more negative reasons to avoid the pool this summer. So without further a-do, I am going to introduce you to some of the best Sustainable Swimwear brands out there, which will leave your mind and your body at ease as you slip that gorgeous bikini bod into one of their beautiful pieces, before strutting your stuff at the pool! – or, as you run into the ocean to become the mermaid you have always wanted to be. Whatever works best. YOU-DO-YOU.

1. The Saltwater Collective

Not only are is this brand swimwear beautiful, their attitude towards the fashion is a refreshing change to what we are all getting to used to seeing. 

The Core belief of this brand is that beauty comes from confidence. So, to give us all the confidence we need in outfits that are traditionally known to leave people feeling insecure, they create flattering, sustainable swimwear for women that want to make conscious purchasing decisions without compromising on style or quality. Not only that, this brand actually shows and uses models of different sizes and ethnicities on their website making it a lot easier for people shopping to see what they could look like in these items.

Highlight: Econyl Fabric and versatile shapes

Location: Canada

Investment: ££

2. Stay Wild Swim

Stay Wild Swim are committed to not only fighting the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, but contributing to the solution too. They use sustainable practices to produce beautiful premium swimwear from regenerated ocean plastic, without compromising on style or substance.

Manufactured in London, Stay Wild strongly believe it is important that every element of Stay Wild Swim is as sustainable as possible; which is their tags and packaging are recycled and recyclable in nature and their shipping is 100% carbon neutral.

Highlight: Designed & Manufactured in London

Location: United Kingdom

Investment: ££

3. En Widmer

Recently launched, En Widmer is one of the new up and coming sustainable swimwear brands. 

The brand is making waves to ensure they are fully sustainable, starting with their threads. Using 100% bio-based textiles made from castor-seed oil that is soft with more stretch, adapting to multiple body types En Widmer can give you that synthetic free swimwear you have been dreaming of.

The fabric and the swimwear are handcrafted in Italy, maintaining a high quality of fabrication as well as being ecologically and ethically crafted close by. Additionally, all packaging materials are both reused or recycled. 

Highlight: 100% bio-based textiles made from castor-seed oil

Location: United Kingdom

Investment: £££

4. Ubu

 Not only do Ubu create gorgeous, functional and fashionable bikinis and one pieces that fit right, look amazing and are kind to the environment. They are constantly giving back to the communities that both make and enjoy them. Their mission is to show that by consciously shopping, fashion can have massive positive impacts – not just for the women who wear their swimwear but for all the people who work to make them, the wider community and the environment.

Highlight: Made from ECONYL®, a yarn that is 100% regenerated from post-consumer materials.

Location: Singapore

Investment: ££

5. NU Swim

Founded in California in 2015, Nu Swim is now a New York based swimwear and lifestyle brand that crafts pieces that favour construction, materials and simplicity.

Their aim is to create sustainable, timeless pieces made with the highest quality regenerated and natural materials that can be worn as an uncomplicated second skin. They don’t believe in swimming seasons, and hope their customers create some sort of adventure in finding a place to swim, no matter the time of year.

Highlight: All materials are 100% derived from regenerated ocean waste

Location: New York

Investment: ££

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