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Tala Design Co. – Energising Crystals from a badass Canadian.

Made using chemistry and electricity to grow copper around crystals, she create some awesome electroformed bohemian style, completely unique and powerful pieces. With stones that embody power and confidence that is felt deeply when they are worn.

Tala Design Co. has been a long time Instagram love of mine for several reasons.

For one the woman who started this is a badass self-taught Canadian who I was lucky enough to briefly live with on an Island in Thailand. The second (of many) reasons is that the jewellery she creates is just as badass as her.

Made using chemistry and electricity to grow copper around crystals, she creates some awesome electroformed bohemian style, completely unique and powerful pieces, with stones that embody power and confidence, something that is felt deeply when they are worn.

Founded in December 2018 Tala has grown from a market stall only shop to an online store that is making consistent online sales, something that has only been achieved from the sheer persistence and determination of Krystin herself, along with the help of some equally as badass supporters chipping in to help with modelling and photography.

Recently I caught up with Krystin who talked with me about her goals for Tala, her biggest learnings so far, and what she wants people to know about her business.

As mentioned above – this very new company has grown and developed quickly from the initial ideation, which wouldn’t have happened without the determination of Krystin, who outrightly told me that her biggest learning in business so far is that, “Consistency and determination will get you a long way. Sometimes you need to pick up extra work, say no to social gatherings and prioritize your time better to achieve tour long term goals. Building discipline and consistency into my work has been a learning curve that pays off in more ways than just business.”.

I’m hoping that this concept that hard work pays off isn’t a new concept to anyone reading this, it is very rare that you will hear people running successful companies that they started from scratch say that “it was a breeze, I barely had to lift a finger”. What is a common thread though, through many great brands and companies is the passion and the hustle behind it in the small business stages, that grows the founder and the business into something more.

For Krystin, this Passion comes from providing her customers with jewellery that taps into their inner sense of freedom and badassery with stones that embody power and confidence. – Something I think we all need living in the modern world.

It’s that passion combined with and her values of providing her customers with a strong sense of self, inner growth to shine like the gem they are, that has pushed Tala to move forward and, in doing so, has started a flywheel of confidence which is only making Krystin grow more. “Looking back at all the hard work I’ve put into this and seeing it pay off has been the most rewarding feeling. I honestly feel I can do anything I set my mind to as long as my heart is in it.”

With all of that said, Krystin is not about to run around telling you that this hard work hasn’t meant she has had to overcome hurdles to develop herself along with the business. Rushing to move forward with things is a trap that a lot of us I’m sure we’ve all fallen into, for Krystin this was with developing her Jewellery making skills, a thing that is very much honed now but took some work as she told me “I want to get good at techniques fast and I spend lots of money to do this without necessarily thinking through the logistics. I have started to slow done and look at how I can improve and continue to grow the skills I am already working on instead of jumping into something new”

I get this, it’s often a bit tricky to focus on one thing at a time, especially when you’re working on a new business and there is so many elements of it to explore. Maybe that business idea is one of many and your trying to focus in on one to make it work. That’s how it is for me, and on asking Krystin what she wanted you guys to know about her she made it pretty clear this is something she has faced and overcome too.

“I’m the person who has a thousand interests, hobbies and new business ideas so often that it’s hard to keep up with me and I often felt like this held me back from achieving any kind of success (I was often told it would hold me back because I couldn’t focus ALL my attention to one place).

I look back on all of that and realize I am simply a person that works better when I have multiple streams keeping my mind and body engaged. I actually think a lot of the success I have had with Tala is because of the times I spent doing photography, writing, boxing, meditating and so on. Filling every part of myself is very grounding and helps me focus the sharpest part of my energy towards Tala. Quality time over quantity time.”

Want to learn more from Krystin? Well here are her three top tips for starting and growing a business:

1 – The first thing that has helped me the most in my first year is consistency and persistence (regardless of making sales or not!). I never looked at the weeks with no sales as a bad thing, just something to keep working on and grow. With consistency my base started to grow and sales became more frequent.

2 – My second piece of advice would be to have quality photos of your work and content that convey the message or the vibe of your brand.

3 – Lastly would be to simply rebound off of rejection and not take it personally. Use it as a tool to grow your brand

If that’s not enough then here is a quote from Krystin to leave you with; ” It is my goal to let you shine through each piece you wear and feel the same energy that went into creating these magnificent crystal beasts.”

love it, need to buy it, tell me more.

To check out latest creations and purchase some badass jewellery of your own head to the Tala Design Co. Website, or browse their gorgeous pictures on instagram!

All of the work you’ll find from Tala is individually made by hand in Toronto. The majority of the crystals are handpicked from local shops with a few being ordered from small suppliers on Etsy. Each piece is made over the course of 2-3 days from scratch to finish by electroforming copper onto crystals. Once the rings and pendants have been designed and prepped, they are submerged in an acidic bath for 6-10 hours with an electrical current running through each piece. This causes a reaction in the solution that binds copper particles to specific areas of the stone. Each piece comes out totally unique and raw. It is a process of patience!

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