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Back to basics with Evamoso London.

It’s no news to us that activewear is now a huge industry, but one of its most significant flaws is the unsustainable fabrics that are used to make the clothing themselves due to the need for the materials to be flexible, breathable and durable.

Times, however, are changing, and brands like Evamoso are taking a stand to change the way we make activewear by showing that sustainably sourced clothing should be a given, not a speciality, something that we at NOVO very much agree with.

To put it simply, Evamoso wants to make sustainably sourced clothing the new norm, as you shouldn’t have to look hard to buy comfortable, stylish, everyday clothes without damaging the world we live in, more than we already have.

Might sound easy but I can tell you for a fact, deciding to be a sustainable clothing company from the get-go is no small feat and often comes at a cost, making this decision a bold one for startups as they sacrifice potential profit for environmentalism from the start. This is something that Jennifer (founder of Evamoso) pointed out to me in detail when we discussed her business, saying ”The production of more sustainable fabrics tends to be more expensive; so we have had to really think hard our price point and biting the bullet for the benefit of the long run.”

To make it harder, Jennifer didn’t just opt to use readily available, fabrics but instead made a move to make their Eva leggings from this recycled polymide. This recycled polymide comes from Ghost Nets, the nets left behind by trawlers when they get stuck on a rock or broken, which there are about 640,000 tons of floating around in the ocean at the moment meaning Evamoso are trying to do their bit in cleaning up the ocean, with every pair they make.

Honestly, guys, these leggings are gorgeous and super comfy and have been designed for every side of you – not just working out. From asking Jennifer what she would want you guys to know about her, it became clear that she and I have got some pretty similar hobbies, all of which are better with comfy sustainable leggings. She said, “I’m Swiss/Swedish living in London all about balance; I love a sweat session at the gym but equally love a bottle of wine with my girlfriends.” Okay so I’m not Swiss or Swedish, but the occasional visit to the gym or wine with the gals are certainly things I’m a fan of!

As always with these articles I asked Jennifer what her 3 top tips are for starting a business which she has outlined for me below:

1 – Get yourself a mentor- the Prince’s Trust has been an amazing platform for me, and my mentor has been instrumental in giving me perspective every step of the way!

2 – Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come. Celebrate the ‘little wins’…before you know you’re onto the next big hurdle.

3 – Do your research. Really take the time to understand if there is a need or a gap for your product/service. I took over a year understanding and researching the market and industry before going in properly.

If you want to find out more about Evamoso and their simple, beautifully-fitting clothes, then check out their website or give them a follow on Instagram to stay in the loop!

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